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Upcoming Events

Join us for the 2017 Racing Banquet! 6/3/17


Attn. All RACERS, Volunteers and Sponsors:

Please join us for the 2017 Season Points Banquet will be held at the Bradford Roadhouse- 

Saturday June 3rd- at 3 PM

Dinner served at 4 PM on the patio

Food, Hardware and Cold Beverages!






20th Annual One Lunger-100 Race Results

Thank you to all our racers who attended the 20th Annual One Lunger 100!

128 Entries!  That's awesome!

Relic- Top 10 FInishers

 1st Place- #8 Ryan Whipple

2nd Place- #1 Greg George

3rd Place- #89 Keith Jusczak

4th Place- # 75 Tyler Gilbert

5th Place- #44 Kris Peterson

6th Place- #82 Jay Johnston

 7th Place- #74 James Wisinieski

8th Place- #146 Todd Treichler

9th Place- #135 Randy Wing

10th Place- #108 Dan Koenig


HR- Top 10 Finishers

1st Place #77- Aaron Patton

2nd Place- #226 Chance Noonan

3rd Place- #5 Grant Wilkins

4th Place- 122 Grant Patton

5th Place- #59 Bobby Wolcyn/ Colin Doran

6th Place- 127 Casey Doran

7th Place #71 Pauly Behun

8th Place- #138 Mitch Ramacher

9th Place- #50 Clark Cooper

10th Place- Kris Skersick


HD- Top 10 Fnishers

1st Place #195 Brett Lessman

2nd Place- #85 Dustin Fratzke

3rd Place- #114- Scott Harms

4th Place- #25 Zach Omara

5th #69- Wyatt Mlaskoch

6th -61- Jess Feirban

7th Place- #205 Wesly Mlaskoch

8th Place- #137 Brad Oswel

9th Place- #33- Mike Japp

10th Place #70 Jeremy Barka


First Towed In- #97 Jesse Gray

Most Traveled - Pat Haddoux

Honorable Mention- Kenny Whitehouse

Crews Choice- Russel Calder









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