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Upcoming Events



2nd Regular Race of the Season

Saturday Jan. 14th- On RUSH LAKE!

Registration 8-10 AM inside Flickabirds Resort-  

 Racing starts at 11 AM Sharp!


Attn. ALL Long Distance Race Participants**   (Andy Englund Fast 50 AND One Lunger 100)

NEW for 2017!!!!!   ALL RACE ENTRIES will be REQUIRED to purchase a TRANSPONDER STICKER. 

Transponders will now be  used to score all long distance races.  Purchase Price is $30.00 for the initial purchase/ first race.  Any future races with the same SLED AND STICKERS will be $10.00 PER EVENT.  This will be handled by a third party, NOT LLVSR!  Please be prepared to pay this fee Separate from your RACE ENTRY FEE.  After you are registered to race you will sign up with the Jason with the Transponder System.  We WILL also continue to do our regular counting as a back up for each event.    Lap Times, and print out will be available after each event.   We are excited to get this up and running!




Long Lake Vintage Snowmobile Racing Association Schedule



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