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Upcoming Events

2018 Season Schedule......... Locations TBD


2018- Race Season Schedule- Locations will be announced soon!

9th Annual SOUP OFF- Pickle and Cookie Contest- Season Kick Off- Dec. 2nd- 2017- Bradford Roadhouse

First Race of the Season- Jan. 6th

Jan. 13th- Regular Race

Jan. 20th- 6th Annual - Andy Englund Fast 50- Fifty Miler!

Feb. 3rd-  21st Annual One Lunger- 100- CRAGUNS RESORT- Brainerd, MN

Feb. 17- Held For back up race day- incase of no ice for our early races

Feb. 24th- Final Race of the Season!  

PRAY FOR ICE this year!  

Watch for rule updates and location announcements


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