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5th Annual Andy Englund Fast 50

Congrats to the 2017 5th Annual Andy Englund Fast- 50 Winners!

Race Results- Top Ten in Each Class

Any questions regarding lap times, etc., please see

Jason with the transponder system at the 100!  Thank you!

Long Lake Vintage will only be posting the top ten in each class....  Thank you!

HD - Top 10

HR - Top 10

RELIC - Top 10

1st Place Bucky Fratzke #80

2nd Place  Brian Kramer #6

3rd Place Dustin Fratzke #85

4th Place Wesley Malaskoch #1

5th Place Clay Blosberg #62

6th Place Casey Dorran #127

7th Place Brad Oswell #137

8th Place Grady Shearer #31

9th Place Tony Sletten #229

10th Place Paul Minderman #201

1st Place Nathan Vosber #92

2nd Place Jay Englund #76

3rd Place Sheldon Fratzke #84

4th Place Chance Noonan #226

5th Place- Pauly Behun #71

6th PLace- Grant Wilkins #65

7th Place- Andy Storbeck #130

8th Place- Clark Cooper #50

9th Place- Joe Pfanuch #157

10th Place- Grant Patton #122

1st Place- Greg George #1

2nd Place- Kris Peterson #44

3rd Place- Tyler Gilbert #75

4th Place- Robb Johnson #4

5th Place- Russell Peterson #444

6th Place- Ryan Whipple #8

7th Place- Trenton Antin #46

8th Place- Grant Wing #109

9th Place- Mitch Bahneman #373

10th Place- Dave Rahn

Andy Englund Fast 50 - 2017

Jan. 21st on Long Lake - Isanti

Registration 8 - 10 AM

Race starts at 11 AM sharp!

Congrats to the 2016 4th Annual Andy Englund Fast- 50 Winners!

HD - Top 10

HR - Top 10

RELIC - Top 10

1st Place Dustin Fratzke 85

2nd Place Scott Harms 48

3rd Place Jim Loss 6

4th Place Zach Omara 25

5th Place Brian Kramer 138

6th Place Ryan Derrick 23

7th Place Bucky Fratzke 80

8th Place Pete Stanius 72

9th Place Clay Blosberg 62

10th Place Patrick Haddow 47

1st Place Mitch Ramacher 138

2nd Place Alec Nesbit 37

3rd Place Jay Englund 76

4th Place Charlie Frank 26

5th PlacePauly Behun 71

6th Place Jason Smude 5

7th Place Bobby Wolcyn 59

8th Place Greg George 114

9th Place Brennan Gave 131

10th Place Kevin Erickson 43

1st Place Aaron Patton 122

2nd Place Tyler Gilbert 75

3rd Place Brent Ringlien 25

4th Place Trenton Autio 33

5th Place Paul George 30

6th Place Ben Wing 74

7th Place Troy Doran 59

8th Place Grant Wing 109

9th Place Russel Calder 147

10th Place Brandon Englund 73

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